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Academic Event: Skyhawk Air School

The first generation of pilots and flight attendants to graduate from "Skyhawk" - Air School in Puerto Vallarta

16 mar 2024

The first class of 45 SkyHawk Escuela del Aire students will celebrate their graduation on March 16, 2024 at the Puerto Vallarta International Convention Center. The school stands out for offering programs in Commercial Pilot, Private Pilot, Purser, Air Operations Officer, Engine and Glider Mechanic, and Aircraft Structural Repairs.

At SkyHawk, excellence is emphasized through “Pre-flight” and “Post-Flight” procedures critical to optimizing student performance. The ceremony not only marks the conclusion of their studies, but also the beginning of successful careers in the aviation industry. Congratulations to the 45 graduates of the first class of SkyHawk!

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