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Experiences that transcend Puerto Vallarta

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  1. Gran Salón Vallarta

  2. Punta Negra

  3. Palo María

  4. Las Estacas

  5. Las Amapas

  6. Las Pilitas

  7. Olas Altas

  8. Los Tules

  9. Boca de Tomates

  10. Kitchen

  11. REDi

  12. Mismaloya

  13. Excecutive Office

  14. Lobby

  15. Cafeteria

  16. Playroom

  17. Ticket Office

  18. Medical Service

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Distance to the airport and the bus station.

30,000 m2

Spatial versatility for internal and external events.

3,500 Diners

Industrial Kitchen, Optic Fiber and WiFi6

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Puerto Vallarta

North Coast

It was launched on the North Coast in 2023 with the objective of offering adequate physical and collaborative space so that business people, entrepreneurs and people interested in developing competitive skills and competencies can ideate, undertake, develop and innovate their organizations.


Meeting Rooms

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our Fact-Sheet

Click here to access detailed information about our facilities, capabilities, and services.​

Click here to download our FACT-SHEET

  • ¿Cuentan con proveedores en el CICPV?
    We have a list of different suppliers that have collaborated with us, at the moment, none works exclusively, if required, clients can bring their own suppliers, in the same way we can guide you to find your ideal supplier.
  • What is the availability of the CICPV?
    CICPV availability can be checked in our online calendar.
  • What capacity does each CICPV room have?
    We have different rooms with different capacities. Learn about the capabilities of each of them here below.
  • What type of events can be held at the CICPV?
    The events that you can carry out in our facilities are: ● Cocktails ● Concerts ● Product presentation ● Dinners ● Press conferences ● Congresses and conventions ● Exhibitions ● Assemblies ● Sports events ● Academic events ● Social events And more!
  • ¿Qué horarios puede tener mi evento en el CICPV?
    Our operating hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., but thanks to our excellent location, we have no time restrictions, so your event can take place whenever you require.
  • Is there a cost to use the parking lot inside the CICPV?
    No! At the moment, our parking is completely free for event attendees.
  • ¿Cuáles son los servicios básicos que incluye el hacer un evento en el CICPV?
    With the rental of the space, you will have at your disposal: ● Cleanliness. ● Air conditioning. ● Security. ● Medical service. ● Sanitary. ● Supplies for bathrooms. ● Parking. ● Home electricity. ● Screen in lobby.
  • What are the additional services and accessories that you can rent when hosting an event at the CICPV?
    We put at your disposal the rental of: ● Chairs ● Half planks (1.80x.43cm) ● Tablecloths and curtains ● Rooms ● Podiums ● Single-row ● Audiovisual equipment ● Hydraulic skids ● Internet
  • Do the rooms for my events have air conditioning at CICPV?
    All our rooms within the premises have independent air conditioning.
  • Do you have an area for children within the CICPV?
    Yes, we have a play area for children between 4 and 11 years old. This area has educational leisure activities, games and entertainment, always under the supervision of one of your parents or guardians of legal age.


Villa Las Flores 505, Villa Las Flores, 48335 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.

+52 322 226 2888

Thank you for your message. We will contact you shortly.

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